Download Transcript: Doing History in the Classroom

This video, “Thinking Like a Historian: ‘Doing’ History in the Classroom,” by Terry Kaldusdal and John Hallagan (2007), provides an overview of what it means to “think like a historian.” It also provides an example of this strategy applied in an elementary school classroom where students are learning about their state’s history. Students examine artifacts and other primary sources to develop and support a hypothesis.

Source: Terry Kaldhusdal and John Hallagan, Thinking Like a Historian: “Doing” History in the Classroom, (House in a Cold Valley Productions, 2007), re-edited by Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, accessed September 16, 2011. Original at Thinking Like a Historian: “Doing” History in the Classroom, University of Wisconsin Whitewater, History Department, Information for Teachers.


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